Ash glazed, wood fired small bowls


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A number of small bowls, with a clear ash glaze on the inside, and unglazed on the outside.

Each bowl is unique, with its finish showing the spread of the heat, flames and ash in the kiln as it was fired for 3 days at over 1300C. Loosely thrown, during the firing the clay has been pushed to its limits, and some have distorted slightly out of the round due to the clay softening in the firing. The outside goes from a pale clay colour to strong orange. The inside has a smooth, clear wood ash glaze that may have interacted with the kiln to create green pools of melted ash, or rivulets of running glaze, or ash deposits on the rim.

Suitable for serving food or eating from, or just as a decorative piece.

Sent Royal Mail Tracked 24, or available for collection from near Hereford. UK postage included.