Sally White

At the moment, following a commission that needed to be high colours, I have been doing more throwing.   Interested in decorating the pottery with stencils, which has led on from the sailing boats, the sea, rocks, sand, on the coast, all things to do with the sea.  However, this dwindled and I went over to high colour decor.  I bought a stencil maker which cuts out very accurate shapes, trees, animals, and letters.   To carry out the commission I started staining some porcelain with high colour stains.

I love the tree shapes and reindeer.   Following this, as usual for me I love playing with glazes and found the luscious, two glaze reactive glazes.  The brown goes on first, followed by one of three different oxided colours.  Green, blue, or brown.  Most of these are copper green .

Items available for sale