Rebecca Scrivins

My work is defined by geological rocks and the processes that form them triggering a line of work that explores geomorphology within the environment starting from their origins of how these rocks/processes are created over millions of years of compression, grinding and melting and how they are now conveyed in the landscape.

Carrying this out through hand building and press moulding, producing a carefully balanced blend of various crank clay’s and wedged in rock samples taken directly from the Earth’s surface. Laying bare how the composition continually tears itself apart after being forced to echo the plaster moulds they’re compressed into. Generating my own formations as if my work is at home in and cut straight from the landscape despite the hints of imprinted manmade influence.

Whilst increasing the role glazing takes in my work, rigorously using matt and special effect glazes. Experimenting through layering and mixing unusual ingredients together primarily to discover unique traits and vastly different reactions in each new combination. These contribute to an unyielding, ecological outcomes that are continually becoming inexplicably redefined. Whilst building my practise on a base of vigorous material research and methodology testing within the ceramics studio. Investigations that ultimately find their way into my finished pieces. Presenting the processes of production and finalised outcomes as fused objects blurring the lines between method and concluded items. In order to become an experimental Ceramic Artist always expanding my scope of knowledge, to produce individual works and series of test pieces that defy my capabilities.