Fiona Scanlan

I first started making pots at adult education classes over twenty years ago. I immediately loved it.  I was reminded of happy childhood hours of making mud pies and modelling with Plasticine.  Unfortunately the class closed before I was able to develop any skills! 

Later I discovered Quinborne Pottery group which has since merged with Sundragon Pottery at the Old Printworks in Balsall Heath.  I spend time there making pots and helping others to be creative.  I also have a studio pass at the MAC (Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham).

I have worked with porcelain and stoneware.  I am currently concentrating on stoneware work.  I am particularly interested in making bottle forms, both thrown and slab built , twisted forms and vessels that are vaguely reminiscent of bags! 

I’m interested in contrasting matte and shiny surfaces, and in using resist techniques. With porcelain I aimed for pieces that are delicate and colourful.  In contrast my stoneware work is usually tactile and rugged. 

I enjoy both wheel work and hand-building, particularly slabbing.

I am influenced by nature, plants, rock formations and landscapes, both natural and urban, and by abstract patterns.  I really love to experiment, often unsuccessfully!  Nevertheless I enjoy the process even if the end result doesn’t always work!