Heather Sweet-Moon

I am self-taught ceramic sculptor. My passion for painting and sculpture began as a young child and is still my main obsession in life, a means of expression, my therapy, my greatest love. I add a quirky, sometimes humourus twist to my female forms and my animal sculptures.  I work from my imagination preferring to avoid realism at all costs!

My work is hand built using coiling or slabbing techniques.  I use either a white grogged, hand building clay or white stoneware clay.

My past work has been exhibited in UK galleries including Guildford House, Birmingham, Bowes Museum, Gloucester, Wolverhampton, Worcester and many more. I have worked with different media over the years in the wedding industry making wedding sculptures from polymer clay, cake, chocolate and sugar and was commissioned by the BBC to surprising chef Ainsley Harriott, with a caricature of him made from sugar on the TV show Ready, Steady, Cook.

I also discussed my huge, wacky sugar sculptures on TV whilst exhibiting them in Bowes Museum, County Durham. A big thrill for me was being commissioned to create small sculptures to be photographed for the front cover of Vogue Italia and for celebrities Matt Willis, Emma Willis and sculpted chocolate wedding centrepiece for actor/singer Gareth Gates.