Graham Taylor

As a technical instructor for the Occupational Therapy service at Birmingham and Solihull mental health NHS Foundation Trust, Graham has been running pottery and art sessions for people with mental health difficulties for many years. 

He is also on the committee of the Midlands Potters Association where he has organised workshops in Birmingham for the public to take part in, such as Artsfest.

Graham gained his BA (hons) in ceramics and his Cert. Ed. at Wolverhampton and then his MA in integrative arts in health, education and community settings at Derby University, part-time, while working for the Trust. 

Graham enjoys swimming and walking which has influenced him to make boat plaques, people swimming and walking.  He fires the boats up to 1060°C in the kiln. His work is inspired by watching people enjoying themselves.

“I really love sharing my enjoyment and enthusiasm with other people through my ceramic work.”