Gwenda Jones

My passion, respect and love for the countryside, equestrian and farming communities and my “off the beaten track” travel has greatly influenced my life and art. The movement, colour and dynamics of beasts and people at work and play have initiated a series of animal and figurative forms in sculpture and art to represent these momentary glimpses.
Working quite quickly with stoneware, crank, paper and Raku clays helps capture the spontaneity of these transient moments as the forms evolve. Texture, tone, colour and the differing perceptions each of these elements has on the final piece are explored using different mediums to emphasise the visual narrative. Metal oxides enhance texture. Underglazes, glazes and colours are used in a “painterly” fashion to complement and sometimes contrast with the usual perceptions the viewer may hold of an animal or figure. I like to look at movement and colour, or lack of colour, in both sculpture and art as symbiotic.
My love of mixed media, especially clay, was first initiated whilst studying Art and Design at Birmingham Central University in 1991, graduating with a BA Honours in 3-Dimensional Design. After a long and rewarding career as a professional Interior Designer, gaining International Industry Design Award recognition in residential and commercial interiors, I returned to my love of art and sculpture. This wonderful mix of design, art and ceramics has given me the desire to spread my passion to others within my own work, demonstrating and tutoring, making these forms of creativity accessible to all ages and backgrounds.