David Jones

David Jones works in both stoneware and porcelain and is influenced by leading potters such as Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew and Michael O’Brien.  With Rod Weightman he established The Piggin Pottery Co. Ltd in Dorking, Surrey, where he worked for three years.

Working under the brand of DJCeramics he produces domestic stoneware pottery with an emphasis on quality and durability for the kitchen and dining room.  The ware is compatible with modern domestic appliances including ovens (conventional and microwave) and dishwashers.  If looked after, the pots will last for many years, maintaining a fresh, bright and smooth surface quality.

David takes inspiration for his porcelain pieces from monoliths and standing stones.  The base forms are adapted from a Liao Dynasty (916 – 1125AD) Chinese ‘saddle gourd’ (travelling flask) shape – a tall thrown  cylinder closed at the top.  The forms are topped with ‘lozenges’ of coloured porcelain clay using a Japanese neriage ( pronounced ner-ee-a-geh) technique. 

These non-functional pieces aim to be pleasing to the eye, having an air of playfulness.  The plain stark white of the base acts as a support and provides a contrast to the vivid colours of the additions.  The crazing of the glaze on some pieces is a deliberate feature adding contours in the surface that the eye can follow.  Each piece is unique.

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