Zoe Petrie

I have just recently returned to ceramics after having had a 4 year break from 2018, where I went on a Fine Art journey playing with various materials only to return back to clay!

I’ve tried most things over the years but fell in love with the raku process, especially naked raku using horsehair and feathers.  

On my return to ceramics and a new job as a ceramic technician and tutor at Leamington College I was inspired by students that had been inspired by Patricia Shone’s work.  I liked the idea of making more high fired durable work rather than returning to the previous porous raku work.  Due to studio limitations I embraced working with the clay stretching method making pinch pots rather than working on a wheel.  

Other interests include figurative work making torsos and more recently busts after attending an online course with the fabulous Sharon Griffin.

I think I will always be experimenting and trying new things which isn’t great when trying to make any sort of living from clay but I’ve come back to clay trying to hold on to the joy I find from making with out too many expectations!