Traci Shervington/tazceramics

I started in ceramics during  my secondary education and gained a GCSE in Art and Pottery, however my career in nursing became a passion for me, and I wasn’t to touch clay again. Many years later,  when I retired, I activated my dream of returning to ceramics and found my passion for clay. I started slow and began classes at the MAC with Wendy Tournay, refreshing my hand building skills and moving on to wheelwork, then porcelain and mould making where I still find pleasure, and  my thirst for colour has been well and truly quenched. I have also put my ‘toe in the water’ taking up Copperfoiled stained glass art; where I have been able to combine both interests into my creative world. I have a Facebook and Instagram account ( tazshervington) and sell my wares via my Numonday shop