Margaret Berry

Margaret lives in Wales and fires stoneware in an electric kiln.  Her work is typically highly textured and although occasionally she makes functional ware her work is primarily sculptural.  History, poetry, the human figure and nature’s wonderful creatures are the seeds of Margaret’s conceptual pieces.  Her largest piece to date is a 3m wing span dragon.  She specialises in abstract puppets, and won an award for best of show in 2005 with “Aspects of Love”, a life-sized male reclining in a four-poster bed.  She has been featured in Golwg and Welsh Coast magazines.

Crow: 54x30x13cm.

Unicorn: 90x110x70cm. At The Reitacademie, Oberderdingen, Germany.

Hare: 30x25x20cm.

Frog: 5x10x10cm.

Chrysalis: 100x150x100cm about women’s suffrage and emancipation. At Pili Palas, Bangor.