Jane Elizabeth

I potter in my studio at the bottom of my garden.  My studio is surrounded by greenery and is shadowed by a beautiful gnarled ancient apple tree.  As I sit and make, I hear only wind rushing through leaves and birds singing.  As I rest and meditate the fleeting thoughts, emotions and voices of my mind emerge. 

Soft formless clay is slowly transformed in my hands over hours, days, weeks, sometimes months.  Each piece I create is individual, unique and quirky – an encapsulation or echo of my experience, life and soul. 

Small sculptures I call ’Woodlings’ and ’Podlings’ are simplistic and emotionally driven characters which blossom from a world hidden in the shadows of imagination where the wind blows wild and whispering voices echo. 

I hope that all collections and individual works draw the viewer close to explore stories waiting to be discovered.