Elaine Hind

Elaine studied ceramics at Birmingham College of Art gaining an N.D.D. and A.T.D.  She was in charge of the 3D Design Department at the Bournville Centre, part of the University of Central England, but retired in 2005. 

She has exhibited widely in the Midlands and has work in collections in Manchester and Birmingham.  In 2007, her lamps were featured in ‘Breaking the Mould’ published by Black Dog.

“During my practice as an artist  flowers have remained at the heart of my work, chosen for their sculptural shapes, both when in bloom and  when going to seed.  I research my ideas through drawing. 

In the last couple of years I have also developed lamps which are inspired by plant forms and have embellished them with ‘glass seeds’.  I have spells of working with particular flowers, usually in season, recently concentrating on ones which produce excellent seed heads, such as sunflowers, and everlasting flowers. 

My work makes use of a wide range of techniques, especially modelling and surface carving.  I make the glass ‘seeds’ in my kiln at the same time as firing gold lustre and enamels.  This helps to create the sense of richness, colour and texture found in old gardens.”