Dot & Geoff Crowe

Geoff works full time in Daventry, the throwing-with loud music-which varies with mood, is relaxation time!!

Geoff’s ceramic vessels are all thrown; the clay seems to make up its own mind how it wants to shape itself.  Geoff loves working the rippled layered effects of the sprayed glaze on the pieces before the second firing.  The opening of the kiln is always looked forward to with anticipation.

Dot, Community Artist, Ceramicist and Healer produces hand built slab or coiled ceramic forms. Some vessels are made in groups of six to ten: this helps create a rhythmic flow from one vessel to the next. Sometimes a glaze is added; sometimes the vessels are burnished.  All pieces are one off, never to be repeated, so each piece is unique.

There are so many varieties of clay and each time a new one is tried something new and exciting will appear.  It is as if the clay speaks to the soul and spirit and we become a channel and visual voice for its journey and evolution on Earth.