Andrew Matheson

Andrew studied ceramics at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, 1974 –1978, and also completed a post graduate year at Gray’s, 1978-79. In 1981, he set up his current workshop, Rose House pottery, in Lichfield, making stoneware and porcelain pieces, mostly thrown work, reduction fired to Cone 10.

He has exhibited in the Midlands and Scotland mainly in group exhibitions and he has work in several private collections, here and abroad. He is a Member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, Birmingham Art Circle and Chairman of the Midlands Potters’ Association.

Having retired from teaching, he is working full-time at his studio in Lichfield. Major areas of interest at the moment are the bowl forms, tall jars and teapots.

“The wheel is central to my method of making and most pieces are reduction fired to 1280º c. The porcelain pieces with a blue and white design need a variety of decorating techniques. Blue slips are applied with shaped sponges or slip trailing or masking techniques at the leather hard stage, cobalt oxide at the glazing stage applied with sponges, brushwork and waxing out areas. This layering of colour under and on top the glaze produces a variety of patterns and shades of blue. A few orange spots are then added to complement the design. I enjoy making lidded or jar forms and this is reflected in my work.”