Text Box: Russell and Marialba Hogg

Russellís interest in pottery dates back thirty years or so when he attended an evening class in Manchester for a term, largely out of curiosity. Sadly work got in the way but the interest remained until early retirement provided the opportunity to rekindle the fascination. A year later Marialba tentatively joined in to see what the fuss was about and promptly became hooked herself as it offered another dimension to her life long passion for drawing.†


Russell leans towards experimenting with texture and form producing a variety of pieces in search of that elusive balance between technical merit, simplicity of design and aesthetic appeal.


Very much a free spirit, Marialbaís work reflects her personality, and often challenges the purist as she introduces an element of mixed media to her pottery.† Many pieces show her inclination for stylised representation. This is expressed as abstract imagery, or it can be inspired by nature or the human form. Eclecticism is a term that may be an apt description of her production.


Both agree that they have reached the stage that they know enough as hobbyists to realise how much more there is to learn!

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