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With a true respect for handmade items and recognition of objects that have been well designed and produced I aim to convey these same qualities in my own work. Making and designing is how I prefer to spend my time. I thoroughly enjoy the creative processes involved. To then have the pleasure of using a handmade item with its own unique character and quirks, is a true pleasure.

The ideas behind my work vary and evolve depending upon the project. Sometimes personal events will spark an idea and at other times other areas of interest will feed into my designs. I enjoy the freedom of experimentation and do not prescribe to only one area of ceramics. Sometimes I may choose to throw and at other times, hand-build. More recently I have been experimenting with different clay bodies and enjoy experimenting with painterly effects on functional hand-built terracotta pieces. Prior to this project, I focused on texture on functional, thrown, stoneware pieces. My personal style is simple and light.

All work is fired in an electric kiln; firing temperature varies depending upon the materials used. Materials used include slips, underglazes, engobes, oxides and various glazes.